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Runaway Bride


Glossy & Glitter • Elegant in white is right! Runaway Bride is the perfect blend of beautiful, fun accents combined with a classic neutral look.

Looking for a salon look without the hassle? Introducing juvenaé Gel Strips! This product line was designed to give you a safe and easy way to create a beautiful nail look anywhere! With a unique layout that offers up to two full manicures and accent nail options, you can have your dream look in just minutes without the spendy price tag. With easy removal, you can change your nail look anytime you want!

P.E.T. film, Poly-acrylic Acid, Polyurethane


Push back cuticles and use the alcohol wipe to clean nails completely; let dry. 


Select the individual nail strip that will fit your nail best. Pick a slightly smaller size to avoid overlapping on skin and to prevent lifting. Peel the Gel Strip off with the cuticle stick. 


Using the cuticle stick, place Gel Strip on nail. Starting from the center of your cuticle press firmly down towards the tip of the nail. Continue pressing towards the sides of the Gel Strip until there is no visible lifting or bubbles. 


Trim any excess Gel Strip with scissors. File any remaining Gel Strip with the file provided, using a downward motion. The file should be perpendicular to your nail. 



Carefully use a cuticle stick or cuticle pushed dipped in nail polish remover to slowly work the Gel Strip going from side to side away from the nail. Be gentle to avoid any damage to the nail.

What sizes are the individual strips? 

From top to bottom: 


Largest row is 16.4 mm wide by 38.77 mm long.

Second row is 14.44 mm wide by 38.77 mm long.

Third row is 13.66 mm wide by 38.77 mm long. 

Fourth row is 12.59 wide by 38.77 mm long.


The first two rows of accent nails are 11.21 mm wide by 25 mm long.

The bottom two rows of accent nails are 10.38 mm wide by 25 mm long.


The next row is 9.6 mm wide by 38.77 mm long.

The second smallest row is 8.07 mm by 38.77 mm long.

The smallest row is 6.99 mm by 38.77 mm long.